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Our company has operated in the market since March 1995.
We deal with computer embroidery services.
Embroidery is a perfect decoration on clothes or other textiles, highlighting the brand and identity.
Unlike with other methods of putting graphic elements on a material, embroidery is resistant to washing, abrasion and ironing. It always looks new, its colours do not fade, it does not crumble and looks nice even after the long-term use.
With the development of our operations and extending the machinery park, we have changed locations (ul. Łokietka, ul. Prądnicka, ul. Ojcowska, ul. G. Zapolskiej) and we are currently functioning at the address: al. 29 Listopada 94.

The machines we have at our disposal are industrial embroidery devices in which embroidery is made with the use of computer software in DST or DSZ files.

We have a wide array of colours of embroidery threads.

We can offer to prepare embroidery software based on graphic designs delivered by the Customers in all popular formats.
E.g. JPG, bmp, gif, PDF, cdr, ai, eps and others.

Depending on the needs of Customers, we can make available a rich selection of ready (non-registered) embroidery patterns.

Thanks to the three-shift working system and 28 embroidery heads:
TAJIMA machine – 12 heads x 6 needles
ZSK machine – 10 heads x 9 needles
ZSK machine – 8 heads x 5 needles
ZANGS machine – 6 heads x 5 needles
we are able to execute orders quickly.

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